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Average Number of Viewers per day = x 30days
Average Number of Minutes Watched per Viewer = minutes
Standard Video Bit Rate = kbps
Standard Audio Bit Rate = kbps
Number of Video Stored (Including Recorded Live) =
Average Size of Stored Video File = MB
Bit rate (video, audio): 1500, 224 (1080i), 1000, 192 (720i), 650, 128 (480i, DVD), 400, 112 (VGA, SD), 200, 48 (240i, LD)
1 minute storage: 12.9 MB (1080i), 9 MB (720i), 6MB (480i, DVD), 3.84 MB (VGA, SD), 1.86 (240i, LD)
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Overview of MyLiveTV Management System

Video data transfer calculation: Video size x (nb of viewers + 1) (I.E. 100MB x (100 + 1) = 10'100MB => 10.1 GB). Note that if viewers stop before the end of a video only the portion of video streamed between the start and stop click are counted.

Live stream data transfer calculation: ((video bit rate + audio bit rate)/8) x broadcast time x (nb of viewers + 1)/1'000'000 (I.E. ((200kbps + 48kbps)/8) x 3600sec x (100 + 1)/1'000'000 = 11.2716 GB.

Note that both, video and live stream data transfer are added to the 'Total Data Transfer (GB)'.

Data storage calculation: Sum of all videos and pictures uploaded.

Cumulated cost calculation: ('Data Transfer Used (GB)' + 'Data Storage Used (GB)').

x USD 0.50 (I.E. if Data Transfer is 100GB and Data Storage is 10GB, Cummulated cost will be USD 55.

A month starts on the first day of the month and ends on the last day of the month. Billing day is always the last day of the month, no matter when you started your account.