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MyLiveTV is a community of responsible members and it is our earnest expectation that all the members adhere to basic standards of netiquette required of them. Here, we present our version of what it means to belong to the community of MyLiveTV. Along with Terms of Use, these guidelines are meant to facilitate your enjoyable experience on this website.

Respect - the basic essential

MyLiveTV gives and expects respect from its fellow community members. Always remember the golden rule - Give respect to command respect!

Let MyLiveTV be a recreational halt. We have some very creative members around who share their creativity without any expectation. By disrespecting your fellow community members, you are showing your own weakness in appreciating talent! This website is a great place to socialize and make long-term like-minded friends who share your interests and appreciates your creativity.


We do not expect our members to indulge in any of the following acts -

  • spreading pornography or sexually explicit material through their content;
  • disseminating the content containing dangerous or illegal acts, like child abuse, animal abuse etc;
  • violating intellectual property of any third person by dissemination of content to which they are legally entitled to;
  • profanity or hate speech. Though our members are free to express their thoughts but we do not allow any comments that are illegal or maliciously intended to attack or demean a particular gender, sexual orientation, race, religion, or nationality;
  • stalking, threatening, harassing, invading privacy are strictly prohibited on this website and all other affiliate websites owned by MYLIVETV, INC.
  • sharing the personal information (user ID, password etc.) on discussion boards, forums and community websites.


We expect the community members that they won't create a situation where any of their content is flagged as we reserve the right to review every flagged content and take appropriate action against the member if the content is found in violation of Terms of Use or Community Guidelines. To this end, we encourage the members to flag any inappropriate content posted on this website by other member(s).

Violation of Terms of Rules and Community Guidelines will result in warning(s). Repeat offence may lead to the termination of account of the offending member. If you have an account terminated you are prohibited from ever signing up for another account.

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